Dunia Commodities support Traders & Producers, looking to open new trades routes with the African continent

The company is promoting Structured Trade Finance, Trade into Africa, Trade out of Africa, inter-Africa Trade. We sources and supply a wide-ranging assortment of raw materials and essential commodities

Mission :

Our Mission is to get our partners and clients the right balance of resources (people, finance, expertise and networks) to get the trade done. Our competitive edge rely on a strong financial expertise and a broader profesional network of international Traders, African Importers and Exporters, financial institutions and logisticians.

Expertise :

  • Brokerage & Trading : Handling commodity trade operations on our behalf or for clients

Connecting African Importer or Exporters with International Traders / Offtakers or end users for spot or recurrent transactions

Established and well-known Trade Partners (Swiss, UAE or Singapore) active in Sub-Saharan Africa

Recurring trade transactions on niche markets with high-added value services

Strong knowledge of counterparts, countries and markets : clients, suppliers, logisticians, warehouse-keepers, experts and insurers

  • Consulting : Supporting SMEs in their international developments

Providing financing, marketing, procurement and logistics turnkeys solutions and supporting international traders in local tender sollicitations

Track Record :

We have a strong track record in the commodity brokerage sector (Mining, Oil & Gas and Agri).

The following are some examples :

  • Copper concentrates from DRC or cathodes export from Zambia. Volume per shipment : 800 MT

  • Sulfur or oil products import from Tanzania. Volume per shipment : 2 000 MT

  • Rice import from India or Thailand to West Africa. Volume per shipment : 10 000 MT